Social Afterlife

In coming years users will finally get an option to switch social network profiles into “afterlife” mode instead of “memorial” mode after their inevitable demise. Imagine that — you are dead as a doornail but your social life thanks to clever AI is more vibrant than ever! Your astral body still alive and kicking by posting latest memes, trolling in comments and sharing fake news of your silly chums! AI will simulate your behavior so well that even your own mom would be hard pressed to spot any difference between real you and your simulacrum! However if you want to make your digital afterlife as good as it gets you need to keep in mind two things. Firstly spend in social networks as much time as you can. Ideally you should be always online. More material to work with will hugely help AI to create life-like reconstruction of your one of a kind personality. Secondly don’t act smart. Ideally in social networks you should present yourself as a borderline retarded person. This also will help AI to mimic you better. As far as I can see most people already take those matters into consideration while social networking. Way to go boys and gals! Hugs and kisses, luv you all!

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