We Inspire Us. Chapter 2

Inspired by Hip Division (11.10.2011)

Inspired by Hip Division

I’m sure most of you know that the hippie style was arisen in the 1960’s in the USA. They had their own point of view оn everything, even considering their style. As it’s known, there are several items, which turned out to be typical for hippie division. Among them are: bell-bottom pants, vests, tie-dyed garments, dashikis, peasant blouses and skirts and different items with ethnic motifs. Today’s outfit was inspired by heps. I wore wide leg light jeans, clogs, blouse and bracelets with folk prints, vest and headband, which adds a 100% hippie chic. In my opinion the look turned out to be very peaceful, moreover all these items could be found in any closet, because they are quite simple and affordable. So girls, if you like this style — go ahead and try it out! It looks so cute and so girly!

Burberry “House Check” Rain Boots (17.10.2011)

Burberry “House Check” Rain Boots

Almost every well known clothing brand has produced a pair of rain boots. There are different colours, prints and shapes of wellies. In a few years this type of footwear became very popoular: you can get a pair of classy black boots from Hunter, which you can wear on a daily basis, or a very femenine and elegant high heeled Chanel rainnies. One of my favorite rain boots are prodused by Burberry. They have a great choice of prints and styles. Today I’m showing you my outfit with my willies, which you could already see here and here.

Nude Maxi Skirt (07.11.2011)

Nude Maxi Skirt

We all know, that a girl can look fabulous and feminine in any outfit. But there are a few tricks and things which can make the look even girlier. In this post I’m showing my look which was created by a maxi skirt, a hat, tiny heels and a belt, which accentuate the waist. And here’s one more tip: if you are a skinny girl — try wearing oversized clothes to show up your fragile figure. My chunky sweater does exactly the same thing. I hope you like my total look with a few black accessories.

Twilight (14.11.2011)


Today I’m showing you my look from Sunday night which was a mix of classy and masculine styles. Sharp lines and strict shapes intertwine with feminine details. Trendy shades of pastel brown of a silk blouse and tweed pants are mixed with edgy black of a studded leather jacket and oxford shoes. And all this together create a stylish outfit which is getting very popular this season.

Scandinavian Pattern (25.11.2011)

Scandinavian Pattern

Do you like Scandinavian knit as I do?

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