Bankey Tunes

This week I’ve called my bank to get some help with esoteric banking issue. As you can imagine waiting times to get to the human operator can be quite long — 34 minutes in my case. All this time I’ve been treated with a catchy song that supposedly makes waiting time fly and I’ve spent better half of an hour in a sing-along frenzy. Needless to say after this encounter I was quite determined to get this track on iTunes. The best plan I came up with was to call bank again, wait for the music to start, put phone on speaker and make Shazam on my notebook work its arcane magic. Plan too brilliant to fail? Nope! I’ve called bank repeatedly and got immediate answers every single time! Accounts… — Snap! Loans… — How can I help you? Bills… — Here we go! Credits… — Need some? Stolen cards… — I feel your pain bro!