We Inspire Us. Chapter 1

Evening by the Sea (11.07.2011)

Evening by the Sea

I swear I had no idea I would end up on the seaside after a long and busy day. But somehow I wore a very nautical outfit. A t-shirt with an anchor and striped scarf, which I wore as an easy turban, blue ballerina flats and a chunky sweater which kept me warm. A very cute look to enjoy a sunset by the sea.

Plaid Sleeves (14.09.2011)

Plaid Sleeves

I adore long sleeve boleros a lot. They are good alternative to cardigans or pashmina scarfs. When it’s not cold enough you can throw them on without ruining the total look and still feel warm and cozy.

Behind Blue Eyes (16.09.2011)

Behind Blue Eyes

Finally! I wore my new bad boys! Do you remember the post about them, which you can see here? They are surprisingly comfy and stable. This pair of heels looks so edgy, so fashionable, so unusual. Just what I needed for this season. I have so many looks in my head with those booties! Hope you won’t get bored with them soon. This time I created a monochrome outfit in rock chick style with a light touch of boho.

Sweatpants with High Heels (03.10.2011)

Sweatpants with High Heels

Just imagine, if 20 years ago you saw a girl walking around in sweatpants and high heels, you would be shocked. That time it looked embarrassing and very not stylish. But as we know, street style always finds its way to be noticed and understood. During many years different subcultures kept adding a piece of their style to the world of fashion. In this case the R’n’B culture played a great role. Girls from ghetto had their own understanding of sexiness and fashion. They mixed sporty clothes with feminine accessories and felt very cool and comfy, because it was reflecting the world they lived in. Some time passed and they sank into show business and then straight to designer’s catwalk.

Covered Up (04.10.2011)

Covered Up

Today I look like a stylish nun. A black maxi skirt, a long top and a scarf, which covered my head, make me look like a very modest and feminine woman. This ensemble could be a great choice for meeting with your boyfriend’s strict and very religious parents. But back to fashion! I must say, that this kind of style is very common for Mary Kate Olsen. She’s very good at creating awesome looks using simple clothes and spicing them up with different and unique accessories. I like this way of dressing up as well. That’s why the main items, which made my look more interesting are the bright scarf, aviators and bracelets.

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  1. Обожаю Камиллу!
    Привет :) Ты все время ко мне заходишь и молчишь. Я решила прервать молчание)))

    1. Я очень редко комментирую. Если будет что сказать, обязательно черкну строчку. :)

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